I woke up with a skip in my step. Before Lilith was awake I’d done yoga, meditated, and danced in my kitchen. 

All signs. 

I’m finally ready to share again. 

It happened. Exactly what I was hoping for. 

I fell in Love. 

Not with a man, but with my life. With me. With Lilith. With Bali. With all the New and fabulous things I’m learning and discovering and planning to create and offer to the world.  

What my daughter and I are doing here is spectacular. 

We received a blow. A hard blow. The hardest blow. And instead of collapsing, we expanded. We made some hard choices and stepped into what ‘normal life’ calls impossible only to discover a whole new world of possibilities and a colorful community of like-minded families seeking the same thing: 

A different way. 

This adventure was supposed to be 10 months. Now, here we are, 5 months in Bali, and to be honest, I don’t want to leave. This adventure is just gracefully turning into our real lives together. 

We’ve traveled through Bali, Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia. The two of us, a team. We’ve created community from all over the world. Our best friends are from Greece, Venezuela, Germany, Holland, Australia, Italy, Phillippenes, Spain, Australia, China, and Indonesia. They’re all doing these wildly creative things with their lives, living as digital nomads in various ways and world schooling their children (did you even know that’s a thing? If not, then GREAT! You’ll have yet another reason to listen to my upcoming PODCAST where I’ll be interviewing some of these mind-blowing children about their experiences being world-schooled) We live in a very small studio with not much more than a bed and an art desk. But, we have a pool… and there are monkeys. I can afford to eat fruit, and do yoga, and have Lilith play in a fabulous Walddorf school 1km from our house. I can afford to take a deep breath and recoup a bit before moving forward. I can afford grace and consciousness in my actions, which should NOT be a privileged luxury, but unfortunately in the impossible paradigm most of us subscribe to, it is. 

5 months into this journey/adventure/Love affair and battle with myself to ALLOW… I have finally come HOME to myself. Im not saying that everything is all tropical fruit and birdsongs, but I am saying that I am blessed. I am blessed because I’ve chosen to claim my blessings. And I finally have something to give. I’ve given the power back to my own voice and have found that I’m really digging what I have to say. With the help of Lilith, the ease of Bali, and the graciousness of those who believe in me, I’ve made some fucking tasty lemonade. And I’m damn proud of it.

More coming soon…