On Boat-Building and Demon Slaying

I’m nervous.  Just like all the self-help books and workshops told me I’d be.  My belly is crawling and my mind is racing, but I have tools this time.  I wake up before my daughter. I sit in silence. I reach out to friends. I move my body. I write. I am nervous, but I am also determined.  This WILL go differently this time.  It is my belief that if you build a boat from your…

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Poetry Truths

We Wish You A Merry Galungan

My eyes open to a dark morning here in my apartment. The end of night pronounced in unequivocal fervor by the neighborhood gang of roosters, followed with only a touch less passion by my longing for coffee. It is December. That knowing strikes a romantic chord in the chorus of my nostalgia. For a moment, I snuggle close to the darkness and wrap myself in the warmth of my blankets under the ever flowing a/c.…

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