About Me


I am a gypsy, witch, storyteller, and mother. My mission to dispel shame by honoring the shadow self with authenticity and compassion. I believe in unabashed truth-telling, regardless of what the world thinks it wants to hear. I believe that the only way out of our suffering is through full immersion. We all have the right to find our Bliss. Sometimes the only way to get there is to fall to our knees with deep, sorrowful tears.

Our Story

I have always been a gypsy… that is until I got married and became a mom. My daughters father, my partner, died suddenly and tragically in May 2018. With his death, everything shifted. I am suddenly aware of whole new dimensions of being. Grief and it’s many spectrums. Single-parenting a gifted and grieving child… whilst unemployed and trying to create a new career for myself. As you might imagine, with these new challenges, I am confronting some limiting beliefs. Many of which have been with me since before his death. My journey to discovering these beliefs and shifting them has somehow landed us in Bali, the Island of the Gods, and beyond.

Within this terrible loss, are tiny liberations I seek to explore.

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